Sunday, January 1, 2012


I have a conundrum.


I love that word. I'm not sure there's an equivalent in Danish. Google Translate defines it as gåde though anyone I've ever contacted with an email translated by Google might beg to differ... When I reverse translate the word, it comes back as mystery. A mysterious conundrum, the translation of conundrum

But I digress. Back to my actual "confusing or difficult problem or question."

I've really been itching to blog lately. Life has taken some spectacularly amazing, horribly gut-wrenching, completely unpredictable turns over past year and I find myself no longer in Copenhagen, or even in Denmark for that matter.

So here is my problem. When I began this blog, I obviously did not anticipate the major personal life changes that would take place, causing its name to become, in a mere matter of ten months, obsolete. How, then, can I continue my blog-as-life, while still being relevant? Must I change its name? Start an entirely new blog? This is worse than trying to secretly change a relationship status on Facebook... (you can't, in case you were wondering.) Aaargh...

If a name change is in store, what then? I've been bouncing around these ideas in my head but none seem to have quite the simple impact of my original name...

Stuff Americans Who Who Wish They Were Danes So They Could Still Live in Copenhagen Like

Stuff Danes Might Like If They Actually Lived in the United States Instead of Denmark

Should I switch tactics, from discovery to direction?

Stuff Danes Would Like If They Knew What Was Good for Them

Should I leave myself open to an unknown future?

Stuff Anyone Living Anywhere Likes

Should I jump on the "expert:" bandwagon?

Ask A (Wannabe) Dane

What Would A Dane Do?

It's a new year. I'm open to suggestions. Really, on anything. Jobs, life, love, the Universe, where to take this blog.