Friday, March 30, 2012

Random Nature Shot(s) of the Week (That Were Not Taken in Denmark)

Well-makers lead the water;
fletchers bend the arrow;
carpenters bend a log of wood;
wise people fashion themselves.


Still in Love

Nearly April, 2012, and we're still in love. We = Travel & Leisure Magazine, which named Copenhagen "Europe's Best Town for Foodies."

I think I have figured out the formula for writing about Copenhagen dining. It goes something like this: gush, drool, gush, gush, lovey smoochy face, drool, mega-drool, name drop, gush some more, finish with a *sigh*. It's fun to read for sure, and, I admit, you gotta love the balls of a chef who can talk about "trash cooking" when referring to his $268, 20-course extravaganza.

Bon Appetit had to go even a step further, getting all Facebook-stalker-ish and taking it into the guy's home kitchen, and challenging the reader to decide which is cuter: his adorable Nordic-elf of a daughter or the perky, button-cute chanterelles on the counter next to her. This article has also provided me with my new favorite term: "Scandi lifestyle envy"