Friday, December 31, 2010

#2 Carrots

Last night we had dinner with some warm and wonderful Danes at their farm. They served a traditional Danish meal which included a pork roast, potatoes, red cabbage salad, homemade rolls, roasted root vegetables and baked apples. Needless to say, with our limited cookware and lack of familiarity around the grocery stores, this was hands down the best meal we've had since we've been here.

I asked a lot of questions about common Danish foods and our friend casually mentioned that their family of four eats something like 5kgs of carrots a week. 5 kilograms! That's over 11 pounds - or roughly a two pound bag per person - per week! Most American households are lucky if they make it through a two pound bag of carrots before they start going limp and getting black spots which in my estimation is somewhere between two to six months.

Cute, nubby little Danske gulerødder

Now to be fair, Danish carrots are quite tasty. They're a little softer and quite a bit sweeter than their American cousins and make a wonderful snack as our 14 month old son discovered. I could easily see how this might someday transpire in our household as he munched his way through 2 1/2 raw carrots over the course of the evening.